Our experience in mobilizing camp accommodations with dining halls, kitchens, freezers and refrigeration units, storage facilities, leisure units and energy provision on short notice has made us one of the region’s primary contractors.

We provide:

  • Turnkey camps
  • Engineering and design services
  • Project management
  • Facilities and vehicle maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Transportation and transportation management
  • Security
  • Site preparation
  • Logistics installation
  • Commissioning
  • Waste management

We tailor our campsite operations to meet the needs of remote locations with food services for multinational populations, laundry, housekeeping, reception, leisure and other support services.

We also employ a planned approach in camp demobilization to optimize the residual value of assets at the end of the project and return the site to its original condition with minimal environmental impact.

Rezayat Catering supports the local economy through skills training, employment opportunities, purchasing from local suppliers and developing local partnerships.

We are committed to working safely at all times and ensure that our clients and employees live in a safe environment.

We deliver support services on time and on budget, in a manner that allows us to focus on the projects at hand.