Our people are the driving force behind Rezayat Catering. Achieving our goals depends entirely on the ability of our people to contribute individually as well as collectively, to develop new skills, and to help create an environment that recognizes and rewards their contribution.

Rezayat Catering’s management team has been empowered to undertake effective training and be accountable for its results. Training activities are linked to specific objectives and carefully tracked, with their results being highlighted in management reports.

Our people’s ability and experience will influence how training is delivered. Rezayat Catering recognizes this and therefore has adopted a multi-directional approach. We identify the need for training in different languages. We also use different methods that address the learning levels of a broad range of ages.

Rezayat Catering understands that to create value, training must be valued. Training is treated as an asset and assigned both fiscal and performance-related value. Our reputation as a training-focused company that values staff development helps attract motivated, improvement-oriented individuals and makes us the number one choice for both customers and job applicants.

If you are interested in a career with Rezayat Catering please visit our careers page.